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A will is an important document that outlines how you want your assets and properties to be distributed in the event of your death. While creating a will can feel like a daunting process, it is incredibly important to ensure that your last wishes are respected.

Streamline the creation of your will with Rosenberg Law Firm. Our estate planning attorneys understands the complexities of these documents and can walk you through your options, helping you draft a will that is comprehensive and best protects your legacy.

Why Choose Our Coral Springs Wills Attorneys at Rosenberg Law Firm?

  • Our firm specializes in complex estate planning matters, including the creation of wills. With over 20 years of legal experience, you can trust us to protect your best interests.
  • Our attorneys care deeply about the well-being of our clients. We will be available to answer any of your questions and respond to any concerns that you may have. 
  • We understand that creating a will can be an emotionally draining experience. Our firm will handle all matters related to your estate plan so that you can achieve peace of mind.

Why Is It Important To Draft a Will?

Nothing quite throws a family into a tailspin like the death of a parent. As wills attorneys in Coral Springs, Florida, we’ve seen a lot in our time of practice. After everyone cries it out at the funeral, very strange things start to happen.

The once amicable siblings fighting over the family home after their mother’s death. The young mistress or “caretaker” that pops out of nowhere, claiming that she had a romantic relationship with a client’s father and was promised many valuable things. The secret love child who feels entitled to the gifts he never got growing up.

The worst of all has to be the secret “will” bearing a parent’s poorly forged signature. These things happen to many people, and no one should be embarrassed, but you should take steps to protect yourself from them altogether. Death is difficult enough without the acrimony.

Wills prevent these things from happening, but it can be difficult to bring up the topic with your parents. Let us help you have that awkward conversation.

We aren’t morticians; we’re attorneys. We understand that speaking about plans after death is uncomfortable, to say the least. But we also know it is absolutely necessary. The avoidance of the topic doesn’t make death any less real. Schedule a consultation with a wills attorney right here in Coral Springs. This is a much better reason to see us than any of those scenarios listed above.

No, you’re not too young. You may just be thinking of your elderly parents making a will. But what about you? Yes. You eat well and go to the gym four times a week. But, the difference between life and death is truly a second.

Requirements for a Valid Will in Florida

When drafting a last will and testament, it is important to ensure that it meets Florida’s requirements. For a will to be legally binding in Florida, it must comply with the following standards:

  • The will must be in writing, meaning that it is handwritten or typed on a computer and printed out.
  • The will must be made by a competent person. Florida will not recognize a will written by someone who lacks the mental capacity to create one or is under the age of 18, unless he or she is an emancipated minor.
  • The will must be signed by the testator, or the person who is creating the will. A testator can use any mark to serve as his or her signature, including a symbol, letter, or initials.
  • The will must be signed by and in the presence of at least two valid witnesses. Any competent person can serve as a witness, but he or she must be in the room with the testator when the signing occurs.

You do not need to use any specific language to create a valid will. The document may be amended or even revoked if necessary. If you believe that a loved one’s will fails to meet these legal requirements, you could also contest the will after the death of the testator.

How Can a Coral Springs Wills Attorney Help You Create Your Will

While a lawyer is not required to create a will, having one on your side can help you ensure that it is valid and meets these important legal standards. Additionally, a lawyer can help clarify and guide you through the terms of your will so that the document adequately reflects your final wishes.

A Coral Springs wills attorney from Rosenberg Law Firm will have a strong understanding of the laws surrounding wills and probate. Your lawyer can walk you through the different components of your estate plan and even help you avoid probate by leveraging certain mechanisms, such as a revocable living trust.

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns About Wills

“I Don’t Even Have That Many Assets. And I Have Liens On Them All.”

These assets can still be transferred. Even if there aren’t enough finances to pay off the lien, a house can still be passed down to an inheritor. The lien stays on the property when it is transferred to the inheritor, and the inheritor is now responsible for paying it off. This is a great way to keep family property in the family, and may even ease the inheritor’s burden of acquiring property on his own.

Drafting a will is one of the most selfless acts you could ever perform for your family.

“I Have A Huge Family. I Know My Children Will Be Just Fine.”

In the case of your death, a will permits you to name who will look after your minor children. A court will appoint a guardian if you don’t specify in your will and the child’s other parent isn’t available. Most likely, your guardian will be chosen from your family.

However, you may have an ideal way in which you want your children to be raised. The court may assign a “suitable” guardian, but not the guardian you truly believe your child needs. Aunt Julie may have the means, but you know that she truly doesn’t have the patience and time of Aunt May.

And no- simply telling a friend they are the godparent is not enough!

“Everyone Knows What They Should Take If I Die.”

You may have a vision in your head of everyone coming to your home after you die to collect everything you casually promised to them over the years. In reality, that is not how this works.

If you do not leave a will, your estate will be distributed according to Florida intestacy laws. These rules establish an inheritance order among your living relatives, which may not represent your true wishes for them. It permits you to exclude heirs who would otherwise be included from your estate.

A will also allows you to include persons who might otherwise be left out under intestacy laws, for example, a best friend or even a pet.

“What If I Change My Mind?”

Life constantly throws you curveballs. Once you’ve written a will, you can make changes to it if your mind changes. Wills are dated, so in most cases, your most recent valid will is the most acceptable. You may need to revise your will for a variety of reasons. The birth or adoption of a new baby, the death of a relative who would, of course, no longer benefit from the will, and divorce are all examples.

“I’m Worried My Spendthrift Son Squanders What I Worked For.”

A will allows you to set up a trust. Your son may only access your funds upon fulfilling certain requirements.

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