Can A Police Report Be Amended?

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, Andy here. I’ve talked in prior videos about police reports and auto accident or car accidents. It’s really important to make sure the cops come and fill out a police report for you, but there are times when the police report’s not accurate or it’s just completely opposite of what actually happened, and so the question comes, can I amend the report? And the answer is yes, you can. It requires you to actually go to the police department, meet with the officer who wrote the report or the sergeant, whoever might be above him or he,r and actually re-do the report or amend it to make the statement correct. It is important.

I’ve had cases where it was found that they were at fault and then it was reversed because the report was amended to the proper facts, so again this is important information. You should have an attorney when you’re in a car accident. It’s really important to protect your rights.

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