If I’m Driving My Company Car on the clock and I get into an car accident and it’s not my fault, do I have a case?

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, Andy here again.

I spoke on a prior video about workers comp in a scenario where you get hurt on the job in a slip and fall. Today’s topic is going to be a similar scenario where you’re driving a work vehicle and you’re going somewhere to do a job and you get in an auto accident it’s not your fault. Do I have a case? The answer is yes, you do.

The case is two cases. One is a workers comp claim and the other would be a claim against a third party or a personal injury matter, so you would have two separate cases there. You have a workers comp claim to deal with because you’re on the job when you got hurt but you can also go after the actual third party vehicle that caused the auto accident assuming it was their fault. I hope that makes sense. It is a little confusing, but I want to make sure that I went through that topic again.

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