Difference Between Stacking UM and Unstacking UM

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, Andy again here. Today’s topic is UM coverage.

I’ve covered it in the past but I want to go in a little more detail about stacking versus unstacking. It’s an important topic. Stacking again is if you say you have a 100 300 UM policy and you have two cars in your household then it doubles it so it goes from 100 300 coverage to 200 600 coverage. That’s stacking.

If it’s unstacked it’s basically 100 300. And here’s the main point that iIwant to bring out. Normal rule is stacking follows the person, unstacking follows the car, so if you’re in an accident and you have a car that you’re in and it’s your car and it does not have UM coverage and it’s stacked you’re okay. But if you have unstacked coverage it may not have UM coverage.

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