Steps To Understand Regarding A Slip And Fall Case

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg from the Law Offices of Andrew G. Rosenberg PA. I’m here to help you with your personal injury matters.

Today’s topic is slip and fall. What happens if you actually have a slip and fall? What do you do? What are some steps to consider? Well, quickly, here’s a couple of steps that I would recommend that you consider.

Number one you need to report the incident right away to the owners of the establishment.

Number two, if there is an incident report that they have you sign, you need to make sure you fill it out. If you can get a copy of it that’d be great, they usually won’t give it to you.

Number three, if they’re witnesses, get the witnesses names and numbers.

Number four, take pictures take videos, do whatever you need to do to show us what it looks like when that happened.

Number five, if you’re injured make sure you go to the doctor right away. It’s very important you go to the doctor. Number six, when you’re at the doctors explain to them how you got injured so they know that it was from a slip and fall situation.

And finally, don’t do a recorded statement if you don’t have to! That can always be used against you. We don’t ever want that if you don’t need it.

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