What Is The Litigation Process In Personal Injury?

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody this is Andy Rosenberg and I am here to help with your personal injury matters.  A question I get a lot of with clients is if we go into litigation how does that work?  Well, most cases do not go into litigation so that’s number one.  If it does go into litigation, it is a process.  There is what is called the “Complaint” where we have to file.  After the “Complaint”  there is Interrogatories, which are written questions.  Then the other side will do an “Answer” and do their own Interrogatories.

Then there is the “Discovery” process which basically is when we go do motions with the court.  We do “Depositions” under oath where we ask you questions or the other side ask you questions and then we go to “Mediation”.  Hopefully, we try and settle the case before it actually goes to the actual court.  In general, most trials (about 95 to 98%) never get to the courthouse steps.  They get settled.

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