Who Needs Estate Planning And When Do You Need It?

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody,  Andy here. So my question today is who needs estate planning? When you have a child, you have a death in the family unfortunately,   maybe one of your relatives passes away and they may have been a beneficiary in your will.  Those are the types of things where estate planning is important and you need to update things. The point is is that whenever there’s something of importance that happens in your life it’s usually a kicker to say I need to update my estate plan.

Hope that helps. Again this is important information. You really need to have an attorney to protect your legal rights on the estate planning side. Contact me at 954-755-7803 check out my social media sites as well and always check out askandylegal.com with lots of free informatio. Thanks!

Do You Need To Speak With A Florida Lawyer About Estate Planning?

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