Do I Have an Injury Claim if I Was Hurt on a Boat?: South Florida Boat Accident Lawyer Explains

January 28, 2022

Do I Have an Injury Claim if I Was Hurt on a Boat? South Florida Attorney says YES

If you were injured on a boat, you may have a valid injury claim in Florida. If your injury was caused due to negligence in a boating accident, you very well have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. A Florida boat accident attorney can help you learn your rights.

Florida is the state with the most registered boats in the nation, which makes sense given the miles and miles of picturesque beaches we have, not to mention the intercostals.

With so many boats and beautiful weather year-round, boating accidents are fairly common in South Florida. Most accidents are avoidable as they’re caused due to negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior. All too often, we hear of people looking down at their phone or even GPS only to glance up just before they collide with another vessel on the water.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get After a South Florida Boat Injury?

If you were injured in a boating accident or incident, a personal injury lawyer will be able to help you recover expenses related to any medical treatment as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

Medical Expenses after a South Florida Boating Accident May Include:

Your pain, suffering, and any mental anguish you’ve endured due to the accident can also be compensable in Florida. Every accident is unique, but a consultation with a personal injury attorney can help you know your rights and the types of compensation that may be available to you.

Types of Boating Accidents in South Florida

Florida had nearly 1,000 boating accidents in 2020, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reporting 836 Boating accidents for the year.

The 836 boat accidents in 2020 is a 16% increase from the number of boating accidents in 2019. 375 accidents involved injuries. In total, 534 people were injured and 79 people died in boating accidents in 2020 in Florida. The state with the second-most accidents was California, with 324 boating accidents.

Most boating deaths are caused by people falling overboard and drowning. Of the people who drowned in 2020, 88% of them were not wearing life jackets. Of all the 534 people injured, 40% were operators, 54% of the wounded were boat occupants, 2% of the wounded were swimmers, and 4% were water sports participants such as skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, etc. About 225 people who were injured were ejected from the boat.

Surprisingly, only 6% of recorded injuries were due to alcohol and drug use while boating in 2020. We still do not recommend drinking while boating as it can impair your reaction times as both an operator and a passenger which could be especially dangerous if you fall off the boat.

The top 7 causes of Florida boat accidents in 2020:

  1. Impact with another boat
  2. Impact with a fixed object
  3. Other
  4. Being struck by a boat
  5. Being hit by a propeller
  6. Impact with water
  7. Impact with floating object or person

The top 5 types of injuries in Florida boating accidents in 2020:

  1. Lacerations. 150 people suffered lacerations, or deep cuts, in boating accidents
  2. Broken Bones. 90 people suffered broken bones in boating accidents
  3. Contusions. 83 people sustained contusions and serious bruises in boating accidents
  4. Head Injuries. 61 people suffered head injuries in boating accidents
  5. Back Injuries. 29 people suffered back injuries in boating accidents

Other injuries included burns, sprains, neck injuries, spinal injuries, and even amputation.

Boating Safety Tips for South Floridians

  • Wear a life jacket. While they don’t seem glamorous, events on the water can happen quickly and unexpectedly, and boaters might not have enough time to grab a life jacket before they end up in the water.
  • Watch the weather. Check local weather forecasts and radar before departure, and keep an eye on the sky. If clouds start to darken or the wind changes, head back to shore.
  • Kid Safety: Children and infants should have a US Coast Guard-approved life jacket that’s appropriately sized. Always keep an eye on your children on the boat.
  • If your boat capsizes, or you fall overboard, follow these steps:
    • Remain calm. Trashing in the water will lead to exhaustion. Don’t struggle to remove clothes and shoes.
    • If you’re wearing a life jacket, keep it on.
    • Keep your knees bent.
    • Float on your back and paddle slowly to safety.

Injured in a Florida Boating Accident? Our Boat Injury Attorney Offers FREE Consultations

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