I fell and got hurt at my friend’s house. Should I pursue a premises liability case?

January 28, 2022

Yes, if you slipped or tripped and fell at your friend’s house because of a dangerous condition your friend knew about—or should have known about—then you should pursue a premises liability case.

The Insurance Company May Pay for Your Fall Injury

Compensation for your slip and fall injuries is unlikely to come from your friend’s pocket or bank account. Instead, your friend’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company may be responsible for paying your damages. These damages could include compensation for past and future:

Medical costs.

Expenses like these add up quickly and include hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, doctors’ office visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and other healthcare costs.

Lost income.

Any money or benefits you’re unable to earn may be compensable. This includes a reduction in income if you’re unable to work as many hours or in the same position as you did prior to your fall. It also includes a full loss of income if you’re unable to work at all. Wages, benefits, and income from self-employment may be compensable as well.

Out-of-pocket expenses.

Any expenses you incur as a direct result of the injury will be compensable.

Physical pain and emotional suffering.

This injury has hurt you physically and emotionally. You deserve to recover for these losses.

If you fail to take action because you’re afraid of hurting your friend’s feelings or costing him or her money, then you’ll have to incur all these expenses on your own. This may be catastrophic to your financial future and difficult on your family.

Learn More About Florida Slip and Fall Law

You have a limited amount of time to file a slip and fall case in Florida. However, if you were recently hurt, then you likely have enough time to schedule a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation with an experienced slip and fall attorney before deciding what to do next.

Have You Been Injured On Someone Else’s Property Due To Negligence?

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