Do I Really Need UM on my Florida Car Insurance?: South Florida Car Accident Attorney Explains Uninsured Motorist Coverage

January 28, 2022

Do I Really Need UM on my Car Insurance in Florida?: Coral Springs Car Accident Attorney Explains Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Yes, you really do need Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM coverage) in Florida.

As a South Florida-based injury attorney who handles car accident cases, we cannot stress enough the importance of UM coverage on your auto insurance policy. We estimate that perhaps up to 75% of our clients who come to us after being injured in a car accident do not have uninsured motorist coverage on their car insurance policy. The bummer is that NOT having UM coverage can cost you so much more in lost benefits than the actual cost of adding the coverage to your policy.

Why do I need UM coverage in Florida? Car Accident Attorney Explains

One of the most important types of car insurances you can have in South Florida is UM – Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist – coverage, says Car Accident Attorney Andrew Rosenberg. Both uninsured and underinsured insurance is included in UM coverage.

If you are injured in a Florida Car Accident, UM (Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist) coverage can help guarantee that your medical costs are taken care of regardless of if the person who caused the accident has car insurance or not.

Florida unfortunately has a high percentage of uninsured drivers which makes UM coverage especially important. More than 20% of Florida drivers are driving on the roads WITHOUT insurance according to a recent report. This makes Florida the 6th worst state in the U.S. for uninsured motorists who are driving unprotected. The thing about uninsured drivers is that they are not only not protecting themselves, but they are also NOT protecting you or any of the other drivers around them if they are ever involved in an accident.

This is where UM coverage comes in. UM coverage is something you simply add on to your car insurance policy with your own insurance carrier. It provides coverage for you in the event you are injured in a car accident that is caused by someone else, and that person either has NO insurance, or not enough insurance.

Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Florida

If you are hurt in a car accident that is not your fault, and the person that hit you does not have car insurance, you can still recover damages in order for you to pay your medical bills, fix your car, etc, if you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your Florida car insurance policy.

UM coverage allows a car accident attorney to file a claim against your own insurance company when you’ve been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault and the other person doesn’t have insurance.

Uninsured Motorist coverage also covers you if you are injured in a hit-and-run car accident in Florida. Unfortunately, about one-third of car accidents in South Florida are hit and run accidents which involve the driver who caused the accident leaving the scene of the crash.

If you have UM coverage, you’re also protected from hit and run accidents and a car accident attorney can file a claim against your own insurance company regardless of if the other driver is ever found, and regardless of if they had insurance or not.

Uninsured Motorist coverage allows a car accident injury attorney to file a claim against your own insurance company in order to recover the compensation you need and deserve to recover from your injuries – even if the other driver has no insurance or leaves the scene of the accident.

Importance of Underinsured Motorists Coverage in Florida

Another function of UM coverage is Underinsured Motorist Coverage. It’s similar to uninsured coverage, but it protects you in the event that the person who caused the accident DOES have insurance, but perhaps not enough insurance.

It’s possible that the person who caused the car accident has insurance, but might have a low bodily injury limit such as $10,000. Depending on your injuries, this might not be enough to cover your medical bills. If you have broken bones, need x-rays, physical therapy, or even surgeries, $10,000 unfortunately won’t get you very far.

If you need a serious surgery, your medical bills could be in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands. This is where UNDERINSURED motorist coverage comes in.

Underinsured motorist coverage allows a Florida car accident injury attorney to file a claim against your own insurance company to recover any additional money you need in order to pay your medical bills and compensate you for pain and suffering.

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