December 28, 2020

My anniversary was this past weekend. I cannot believe it, but my wife and I are married now for 27 years! I am getting old because that “sounds old”!

Anyways, the question becomes what can one do in this “new normal” for an anniversary? Guess what…my wife wanted to go out to a restaurant with my two children and I. There was a dilemma in that I was completely against going out and dining in an actual restaurant until a vaccine has been created.

What should I do? Tell my wife no way or acquiesce to my better half? It was a no brainer…I had to acquiesce to her wishes if I wanted to stay married!! So, I had some ground rules to my entire family if we were going to a restaurant with Covid-19 still around. The ground rules were as follows: (1) we had to eat on the earlier side so that the restaurant would not have as many people around; (2) we could not bring anyone else with us to dinner (i.e. my in-laws, etc.) and (3) we had to sit outside.

To my surprise, all three of my family members agreed to my demands! Needless to say, I was very anxious about doing this entire dinner event. Yet, once we got to the restaurant, I was able to calm down. We were put into a corner in the outside patio area not near anyone. The waiters were all wearing gloves and masks. The menus were given to us in a paper form and then discarded after we reviewed and made our order. There were no plates, silverware or glasses on the table when we first arrived.

Once we sat down, the waiters brought us the plates, silverware and glasses from a sanitized area of the kitchen. After a glass of wine (or two), I was actually able to relax and enjoy dinner with my family. It almost felt normal! Is this something that I would do on a regular basis moving forward? Probably not because I am paranoid! Would I do it again? Yes! The point is, we all have to find some middle ground that works for each of us to move forward in this “new normal”. I hope this helped some of my readers to move forward in some way…

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