How to Choose an Estate Planning Firm

July 11, 2022

You have passed the first hurdle of this process – Asking yourself how to choose an estate planning firm? You have decided that you need to draft a will. So many people don’t find this necessary or find discussions around death to be uncomfortable in general. It’s a prevalent misperception that only the financially well-endowed need attorneys to draft wills, trusts, guardianship, and health care directives because their situations are complex enough. Estate preparation is a must for everyone, and when an attorney is involved, even seemingly straightforward estates can be handled better, quicker, and sometimes with less tax burden.

Your decision to find an estate planning firm was a responsible one. Now you just have to find the firm that’s right for you. A good estate planning attorney with the necessary legal knowledge will help avoid negative financial and emotional complications arising from the estate planning process. Drafting errors have a significant impact on family connections, leading to uncertainty, disillusionment, and, at their worst, adversarial litigation.

What Does an Estate Planning Firm Do?

Attorneys who specialize in estate planning offer more than simply writing assistance. They can also be hired to aid with Power of Attorney matters, and they frequently offer advice on how estate plans can be put up to make things as simple as possible for your relatives after you pass. An attorney here could assist you with:

  • Making wills
  • Advising on tax-efficient strategies
  • Aiding in beneficiary selection
  • Creating Trusts
  • Assigning legal guardians
  • Advising on how to protect assets and estates from creditors
  • Putting together strategies to simplify or completely eliminate probate

Consider your specific needs

Essential in choosing an estate planning lawyer that is right for you is making a list of all your concerns and needs. Attorney-client privilege is the cornerstone of the profession. You can rest assured that sensitive matters will be held confidential with a respectable estate planning attorney.

These matters and concerns could include:

  • The need to appoint a legal guardian for your minor children;
  • The details of assets known of only by you;
  • Debts that would impact the estate;
  • Making provisions for the running of your business;
  • The existence of and provision for children born out of wedlock;
  • Keeping your estate under control while you are still alive.

Get an estate planning attorney with other skills, as well

Evaluating services and prices is crucial when looking for the best legal assistance. A competent estate planning lawyer will be reliable, experienced, and have the proper qualifications. They will inform you, guide you through the steps and work within your means to offer you the most aid at the most reasonable cost. Of course, at the very least, you should select a lawyer who has a law degree, has passed the bar test, and is admitted to practice in your state.

Any lawyer may create a basic will for minor situations, such as naming the beneficiary of one’s 401(k), but experienced estate planning lawyers can guide clients through more complex cases involving several trusts and multiple heirs. Your choice of attorney will depend on the kind of counsel you require.

Although you should hire a lawyer with experience in wills, trusts, and estates, having additional expertise might be useful. For instance, the ideal attorney should know real property law if you have substantial real estate assets.

Ask the right questions.

Your particular buffet of assets may require a specific type of attorney. You may need one who has mediation skills to maneuver family discussions after your passing. It’s rare to make a hiring decision based solely on a person’s picture on a website without doing your research and getting to know them well. Simply interviewing the persons on your list is the greatest approach to make sure you get the best lawyer for you. The interview process doesn’t have to be drawn out or difficult.

You should be able to tell if you will feel at ease with an attorney and be able to trust them to provide you with the finest advice by asking a short list of questions.

  • Where did you earn your legal education?
  • How many years has the firm been in the practice of estate planning?
  • Is estate planning your primary focus?
  • How do we talk to each other, and regularly will we communicate?
  • I am now extremely ill. Could the process be expedited?
  • Who can I contact at this firm if you are not in?
  • How will I find out if my plan has changed? Should I take the lead, or will you (or someone from your office) provide me input regularly?
  • How much are your rates and fees? Do you bill per hour or by a set rate?
  • Are there any extra fees that I should anticipate that are not included in this rate?
  • What credentials, if any, do you possess?

To make the search even simpler, look no further. The skilled and competent estate planning attorneys at the Rosenberg Law firm will give you the confidence to begin and complete this process. Here, we will offer you excellent representation and accessibility. Schedule a consultation today!

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