Do I Have To Go Through The Insurance Company’s Repair Facility After A Car Accident?

August 25, 2019

If you read our article about getting your car fixed after an auto accident, then you know that there are some important decisions to make regarding getting your vehicle fixed. Though we discussed the options of whether or not to get your damages repaired and who’s insurance company to use for your expenses, there are still a few important tips to know about. Below we’ll discuss some little-known facts about the process of getting your car fixed after a car accident.

Choosing the Repair Shop

Whether you go through your own insurance or the insurance company of the other driver, they will have a repair shop which they suggest you go to for your repair. You have the option of using the repair shop that the insurance company suggests, but you are not obligated to. If you have a shop that offers the same price range for repairs that the suggested shop does, you should be able to use your own option. The insurance company may push for you to use one of their own options though because they work with these repair shops regularly and trust the quality of the repairs and the prices. It may be less hassle to use the suggested repair shop, but if you have a place in mind that you know and trust, you can use that one instead.

Making the Repairs Yourself

If you are a person who is familiar with working on cars, you may be wondering if you can skip the hassle of using a repair shop altogether. Will you still receive the funds for the damage to your vehicle if you don’t use a repair shop? The short answer is yes. If the repairs are manageable and you chose to do them yourself, you can keep the money from the insurance company after you file a claim. Small repairs especially are sometimes more cost effective to fix on your own instead of seeking professional help.

If you choose this option, you should be aware that you can only receive funds from a claim once. If you don’t do the repairs properly on your own, or cause more damage, you cannot receive more money to fix the car, so be sure when you are making this decision.

Let’s Recap

Once you’ve decided if which insurance company to file your claim through, you have the option of using the insurance’s suggested repair shop, a shop that you choose on your own, or doing the repairs yourself. All of these are viable options and have different pros and cons depending on your situation.

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