December 28, 2020

Unfortunately, last April my mother, Francine Zelma Rosenberg, passed away. This article is not meant to make anyone feel sorry about the passing of my mother. In fact, my two sisters and I all say that it was a blessing that she passed quickly. This article is about coming to grips with the “circle of life” and mortality.

My mother had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (known as “COPD”). She may have stopped smoking thirty years earlier, but the damage was done to her body and it showed up as COPD. It reached a point over her last eighteen months that she needed to have oxygen 24 hours a day to breath.

Someone upstairs heard our thoughts and she passed sudden without much pain. The reason I say this article is about the “circle of life” is twofold. First, it made me realize that my sisters and I are now the oldest generation of my family….which means we are getting old!!! Second, it is making me realize I need to appreciate the time left that I do have with my soon to be 87 year old father, Gabriel Joseph Rosenberg. Recently, my father decided to come down to visit us from Indianapolis…yes that is where I am from! He came down for three reasons: (1) he was to attend a real estate conference in the Miami area; (2) he wanted to see his grandchildren; and (3) he was to go on a date with a woman from South Florida that he met on a dating site. Yes you heard me right……my soon to be 87 year old father flew here to go on a date!

At first I had a hard time with my dad “going on a date”. Yet, after our visit together I realized how much he missed the companionship of my mother. He was wanting to be with another person for the conversation. I am still not “comfortable” with the idea of my father dating but, I realize I need to give him the space to let him do what he wants. I don’t know if any of you are having these same issues with a parent. But, I have realized through this process that I will never forget my mother (nor will my father) and that I need to embrace him along his new journey as best I can!

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