December 28, 2020

It was an early morning and I was headed to workout at the gym, just like a typical day in the life of Andrew Rosenberg. I was sitting in traffic at a red light when my life changed forever.

Out of nowhere a teenager proceeded to cause a three-car accident in which I was one of the three cars! It was not a horrible accident. It was a typical one in the South Florida area with rear bumper damage to my car. I was the front car in the three-car scenario.

I knew that as soon as the accident happened something was wrong with me. I had the usual injuries of sore neck, sore upper back, sore mid back and sore lower back. Yet, my right shoulder did not feel right, and I had trouble lifting it up at the scene. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital (yes, my PIP Insurance of $10,000 was completely used up at the hospital that morning) and, of course, they said everything was fine as there were no broken bones. I took it upon myself to get to an orthopedic specialist who ordered an MRI of the right shoulder.

The results were a torn rotator cuff which required surgery!!! So, I followed the doctor’s advice and had the right shoulder operated. Yes, it was a horrible recovery!! In fact, it was the worst recovery that I have ever had in a surgery because the rehabilitation was exhausting. Yes, I did Physical Therapy several times a week for months. Yes, I did miss work and it was a huge inconvenience for myself as well as my entire family! Yes, it took over a year for my case to even be ready to write a demand letter and begin the settlement process! The morale of the story is that I followed the doctor’s advice AND I was consistent in my treatments.

The results were (1) I got better (which is the main thing to always remember) and (2) I got a very fair recovery for my injuries. Why did I get a fair recovery? Because I DID NOT have a huge gap in treatment!!! So please remember the importance of following the doctor’s advice and the value of consistency in treatment in your next incident. We live in South Florida and you will most likely get involved in another incident……have you seen how people drive down here!!!

Have You Been Injured In A Florida Car Accident?

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