December 28, 2020

My wife and I have been contemplating what to do about our kids for the upcoming college school year. Do we send both back to school or have them continue to live at home?

Unfortunately, there appears to be no good answer either way! As a refresher, I have two children in college. Ally is going into her senior year at The University of Miami School of Nursing. Jason is going into his sophomore year at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Both of my kids have been living at home, doing on-line school, since March of this year. As of today, The University of Miami has informed Ally that all her classes will be on-line in the fall. Yet, because she is a senior in the Nursing School, her “clinical” of the program will be in person at the hospitals. I am sure the School of Nursing determined that they need to get these students the practical real-life experience of being a nurse and working with actual patients. Thus, for my daughter it was a much easier decision. She needs to be at school for the “clinical” portion of her senior year.

Jason has become a much harder decision as a parent. There is no need for him to go back to school physically as George Washington University has stated all fall classes are “on-line”. But do we continue to have him at home going to college “on-line”? Or do we send him to college to live in Washington D.C. and do the same thing? The concerns for both of my kids are obvious: are we exposing them to a higher chance that they might get the Covid-19 infection? After all, they are going to be around other “kids” their age. Can we trust our kids to be smart in that type of environment?

Our answer to these questions came to light when we asked both what they wanted to do. Both stated that they feel like they are in a prison (a nice one) living at home with us. I get it! Who wants to live with your parents while you are in your college years? Not me! My wife and I both decided that we need to let them grow up and make their own decisions. Hopefully, they will be smart enough to protect themselves with this virus. As I stated, there is no good answer either way!

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