December 28, 2020

I am writing this article the day after many Florida High School Seniors hearts were either broken or fulfilled due to the University of Florida.

Yesterday the seniors heard if they were accepted or rejected from this college institution. How do I know this……because I have a high school senior (Jason) who is in the middle of the college admissions process. It was such a big day for kids across Florida yesterday that my son’s high school (Cypress Bay) actually created a “senior skip day” which happens to coincide with the day that the University of Florida’s decisions come out. Yes, it is such a big deal that the entire senior class cannot focus and they decide to take the day off!

Did you know: (1) the University of Florida had over 34,000 applications and the average SAT score was 1,300; (2) the University of Miami had over 31,000 applications and the average SAT score was 1,400; and (3) Florida State University had over 41,000 applications and the average SAT score was 1,250. Schools across the country look at many factors for their admissions process. Such items include ACT scores, SAT scores, class rank, “core” GPAs, “weighted” GPAs, essay topics and extracurricular activities. But when it comes down to it, to me the schools only care about the ACT or SAT score and sometimes your GPA.

I have seen many of Jason’s friends get high ACT or SAT scores (with average GPAs) and get into schools while other kids with a lower ACT or SAT score get denied, even though they are very well rounded in all other areas. To me the colleges are putting too much emphasis on the ACT or SAT score and not getting the big picture of who the child is! The college admissions “process” has got to change. What is the answer? I do not know, but something has got to give. To me there has to be a better method to this college admissions madness then a test score! Whoever can figure out what that change is will make the college admissions process more equitable for everyone! In case anyone was wondering, Jason got into UF and UM (he did not apply to FSU).

By the way, he is most likely not going to either one of those schools, go figure!

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