My Bucket List Trip That My Wife And Kids Did NOT Want To Go On!

August 1, 2019

Our family loves to travel!  However, there was one trip that my wife, daughter and son had no desire to go on…..but it was my “Bucket List” trip.  In fact, they all kept telling me “Dad this is your trip and none of us want to go, so you better enjoy it”.  Because this was “my trip”, I was in charge of everything.  Everything included airplanes, hotel, food, activities, etc.

What was this trip to?  AFRICA!!!!  It took two years to plan and forever to get to (the main flight was from Atlanta to Johannesburg was approximately 15 hours nonstop).  However, once we got there it was well worth it!  Not only did we get to go to Johannesburg, but we also went to Cape Town, Krueger National Park (i.e. Safaris), The Wine Country, Victoria Falls, Cape of Good Hope, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Believe it or not, my kids favorite activity of the trip was a visit to a small village in Zambia.  They actually saw what life was like outside of their “bubble”.  Not only did they appreciate that village, but my daughter actually took off her shoes and gave it to the village tour guide right then and there.  Now, we are getting rid of our old shoes from the entire family and shipping it to the woman at the village so that the people can reuse the badly needed shoes!  That right there made the trip worthwhile for me.

But, the best thing that happened was at the end of the trip on the plane ride back to our wonderful country… wife and kids all said it was the best trip they have ever been on!!  Just goes to show you that I proved my entire family wrong on my “Bucket List”!!!

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