Tips – Talking To Insurance Companies After An Auto Accident

May 8, 2019

If you read our article (or saw the video above) about Talking to Insurance Companies after a car accident, then you know that you are legally required to speak to an insurance agent if they are representing your insurance company. With all the anxiety that comes along with car accidents, talking to an insurance agent can be another stressor. Here are some tips to help you deal with contacting your insurance company after a car accident.

Cooperate as Much as You Can

Once you contact your insurance company about a car accident, you need to tell the adjuster as many of the details of your accident as you can. Your insurance company may call you multiple times to get the facts of the case and to record your statement. Do not do a recorded statement without your personal injury attorney being present if you are being represented!  If this happens, cooperate with them. Remember that your insurance company is trying to find out as many details of the accident as possible so that they can handle your claim accordingly. It is a good idea to provide any records, names of witnesses, or medical providers that your insurance asks of you because this will also help your case.

Though you should cooperate, your compliance should be within reason. Though you are obligated to cooperate, you shouldn’t have to deal with any inconveniences from the insurance company that may infringe upon your time or comfort. For instance, you should not have to undergo an interrogation or go to inconvenient places on your company’s time. You should cooperate with your insurance company, but they should also cooperate with you.

Document Your Interactions

It’s important to keep track of all your interactions with your insurance company so that you can properly monitor the status of your motor vehicle accident claim. One good idea is to save all of the emails between you and your insurance company. This way you can have proof of your exchanges and any promises made.

Be Proactive with Your Case

Contact your insurance adjuster with information as soon as you receive it. If you have an attorney representing you, then the attorney’s office should be involved in the process of making sure the insurance company gets the appropriate information.  Claims already take time to investigate and process. If your insurance investigator is waiting on documents from you, they cannot properly assess your claim. Be sure to keep track of what records, details, or evidence you send them and what dates you sent them on.

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