Tow Yards – The Unexpected Expense To Be Aware Of!!

September 16, 2019

Following a car accident, the police at the scene will usually determine if your car needs to be towed. If your injuries keep you from safely driving or if your car’s damages deem it undriveable, they will contact a towing company.

Typically the tow truck driver will bring your car to their tow yard from the accident scene. Sometimes it’s best to have it taken there because it will give you some time to focus on caring for your injuries. However, the less time your vehicle is at the tow yard, the better. The initial towing fee is pretty expensive, which is often unavoidable. Additionally, there is a daily fee for every day that your car is kept at the tow yard. Depending on the company and the circumstance, it may be anywhere from $30 to $100 per day. That fee can be avoidable if you find another location to keep your car. In order to reclaim your car from their lot and have it towed to another location, you will need to show identification and proof that you own the vehicle. If in any case you have no other option than to leave your car at the tow yard for some time, you will still be able to retrieve any personal items from your car.

If you are capable of taking property damage photos of your vehicle before it is towed, be sure to do so. This is important in case you notice additional damage to the vehicle caused by the towing company, you are able to prove it. The photos will also help your property damage insurance claim to avoid them claiming that the damage was caused by the vehicle being tampered with after the accident.

At the Law Office of Andrew G. Rosenberg, P.A we care about making sure you are saving your money and receiving the highest possible amount that you can from your personal injury case. Even though we do not usually handle property damage cases, we can give you advice as to how to go about filing a claim, if needed and what to do with your towed vehicle. We keep your best interest at heart, which is why we want to make sure you are able to minimize your expenses.

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