December 28, 2020

I am writing this month’s newsletter while I am on “vacation” with my entire family. Yes, that is right a vacation during the Covid-19 crisis!

Where in the world could you go to get away Andy? Why would you want to get away? How could you feel safe in mid to late July anywhere? These are all valid questions!

As my wife and I were deciding to leave with the two kids, Florida was the actual epicenter for the entire country (and world) of the Covid-19. Nobody wants to see or be around a Floridian right now, especially one from the South Florida Region. We decided we all needed a change of scenery. I did not want to get on an airplane right now to travel, although that might be safer than most situations. So, I rented a minivan and my wife, two college kids and two dogs and I drove to our destination.

That’s right, a destination to do the exact same thing we are doing at home. Luckily, I asked my oldest sister if we could use her lake house in Georgia for awhile to get away. Thank goodness she said yes! What is interesting are the observations that my entire family has made in the few days that we have been here. The biggest observation is that they do not feel as “safe” as they do in the epicenter of the Covid-19, South Florida! Let me give you a quick example. We all went to Publix up here and stocked the house with food.

While we were in Publix, we noticed that approximately fifty (50%) percent of the people were NOT wearing any masks! They were shopping at Publix as if there is no virus going on at all!! When we picked up our guest passes at the membership office, both employees were not wearing any masks while greeting us. Additionally, my sister is afraid to actually see us because we are from the epicenter! I cannot blame her! So, here we are in Georgia. My wife and I are working remotely still. We are doing laundry still. We are cooking for the kids still. We are taking the dogs out to go to the bathroom still. I am not able to see my sister, nieces or new addition to the family (Colin who is six months old! It is ironic that we drove nine hours to do the same thing at home.

But this is the new “vacation” in Covid-19!

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