January 13, 2021

According to my wife and kids, I need to be returned because I am broken!  In fact, my father informed my wife the other day that I am nonrefundable, how funny is that?

I am 53 years old and was a high school and college athlete.  I was a state high school champion tennis and soccer player as well as a Division I college tennis player.  Unfortunately, playing those years does catch up to you…and I am no exception to that rule.  Over the years I have had shoulder surgery, three knee surgeries and now need a hip replacement!

In fact, during this Pandemic, I have had three separate “procedures”, which is why my wife and kids would like to get a refund from my father!  I had knee surgery, a huge lipoma (fatty cyst) removed and kidney stone surgery.

Yet, the one thing that I can tell you is that I wake up every day with constant pain in both of my knees.  Even after the three surgeries.  Because of the chronic pain, my family told me to start using CBD oil and supplements.  So, the question is does it work?

First, I tried using the CBD oil on my large incision from the lipoma removal to help with the healing process.  I can tell you that it took a few weeks of rubbing it in every night, but it worked.  For some reason, it made the soreness and tenderness go away.  Second, I have had a stiff neck from a muscle related issue for about six months, so I decided to use the oil on that as well.  It worked!!  Finally, I tried rubbing the CBD oil on both of my knees every night to see how that would react.  Unfortunately, that did NOT work.

I told my kids that my knees were still killing me every day and the CBD oil was not working.  They went to one of those “stores” that specialize in this issue and came back with a different product.  This product required me to put a little liquid into a glass of water every night and drink it.  The result?  After three days, both my knees felt great!  I could not believe that this stuff worked for me.  I do not know if anyone of you have these types of “pains”, but I am now a firm believer in giving CBD a try.

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