If Hit By A Drunk Driver And You Are Injured, You Need To Protect Yourself For Your Potential Personal Injury Claim. What Should I Do?

August 11, 2019

If you are involved in a car accident, the steps you take following the incident are imperative in making sure you receive proper compensation in the future. If the accident involved a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it makes the situation more complex and makes your actions following the accident more critical to your case.

  1. No matter the situation, the most important thing is your safety and health. If you are able to make sure 911 is called, do so. The dispatcher will send EMT and the police. Having the accident documented by the police is crucial to your case, especially if the other driver is drunk. If you fail to contact the police, not only will the drunk driver get behind the wheel again, but you will also lose an essential piece of evidence in your case.  When the police arrive at the scene, it is important to provide them with the most accurate description of the accident to the best of your ability. However, do not include any details that are not relevant to the accident or offer more information than what was asked for. If your injuries are not immediately noticeable, do not deny being injured. It is okay to tell the officer that you are unsure if you are injured or not.
  1. If you are able to, try to collect as much information from the accident scene as possible, specifically the at-fault driver’s contact and insurance information, potential witness information, and pictures of any visible injuries and damages. You can get most of this information from the police at the scene. Also, be sure to ask the police for the claim number for the DUI accident report to make it easier to access a copy of it later.
  1. It is crucial to your accident injury case to seek medical attention immediately following an accident caused by a drunk driver. If you do not notice any injuries right away, most of the time it is because you have so much built up adrenaline from the crash to notice your injuries and some injuries do not cause pain until a few hours or even days after an accident. Having your injuries documented by a medical professional as soon as possible will help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injures in the future, as well as following their instructions for further care.
  1. Before contacting an insurance company, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Not only will they provide you with legal advice as far as the next steps you should take, but also hiring one like Andrew G. Rosenberg, PA is your best chance in obtaining the compensation you deserve. He will be sure to conduct a thorough investigation into the accident, securing evidence of the driver’s intoxication and fault.

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