Where Do the Most Car Accidents Happen in Florida

May 1, 2023

Every year millions of tourists flock to the Sunshine State to enjoy year-round warm weather, endless miles of beaches, and iconic attractions. Florida recently broke its own record for visitors with 137.6 million tourists visiting the state in 2022. But with the influx of tourists sparking a boom in Florida’s rideshare industry, the yearly return of “snowbird” retirees each fall, and the state’s ample number of year-round residents, navigating traffic in Florida can be a challenge.

Whether you live on the country’s most famous palm-tree-studded peninsula, or you’re planning a trip down to soak up the sun, it helps to minimize the risk of experiencing a traffic accident if you know where the most car accidents in Florida occur each year.

Florida’s Most Dangerous Counties and Cities for Car Crashes

Florida has a diverse topography, from the sandy panhandle, coastlines, and Keys to the state’s rolling horse ranches in rural North Central Florida. While the state’s urban areas see the most frequent car accidents, some rural areas also have surprisingly high crash rates. According to Florida Highway and Safety Motor Vehicles’ annual Crash Facts Report, Florida’s Miami-Dade County sees the highest number of reported car accidents with injuries (this report does not include fender-benders with no injuries) at 51,543 accidents in 2020. Broward County is the second-most dangerous Florida county for car accidents with 34,050 accidents. Lafayette County—home of the famed Suwannee River— in North Florida had the fewest car accidents with only 41 accidents with injuries in 2020. Marion County in the heart of North Central Florida’s horse ranch country and home of the World Equestrian Center, fell in the middle range with 5,918 accidents.

Unsurprisingly, Florida’s Crash Facts Report also reveals Miami as the state’s worst city for car accidents with 17,282 accidents in 2020. Orlando—home of Walt Disney World and other mega-attractions—reported 11,697 accidents with injuries, while there were 13,352 accidents in Tampa in 2020.

Common Locations Where Accidents in Florida Occur

Florida’s high-traffic areas in urban locations have the highest accident rates, with accidents most commonly occurring in:

  • Intersections
  • On highways like I-75 and US 41
  • In parking lots and parking garages
  • Construction zones
  • Near tourist destinations and entertainment venues
  • In school zones

While cities and congested suburban communities have the highest accident rate, rural areas also experience a surprising share of accidents with different causes. Urban accidents commonly occur at busy intersections and congested highways, but rural accidents more often occur in the following ways:

  • On 2-lane roads when head-on collisions occur from unsafe passes or one vehicle drifting out of a lane and into the oncoming lane due to distracted driving or drowsy driving
  • In rural districts from speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, or encountering road debris, potholes, and unexpected animal crossings

Understanding Accidents in Florida’s No-Fault Insurance State

Florida residents are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance and after an accident, they must file a claim against their own insurance provider, regardless of fault in the accident. Florida’s no-fault insurance law provides up to $10,000 for personal injury damages under most policies. Only if the injuries are considered “severe,” with damages far exceeding the $10,000 PIP coverage, can accident victims file claims against the at-fault party in an accident to seek damages.

If you have questions about Florida’s no-fault insurance system and car accidents in the Sunshine State, a Coral Springs car accident attorney can help.

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