Florida Car Accident: What Do I Do About My Car Is In The Tow Yard? Car Accident Attorney Explains

June 27, 2019

When my car ends up in a tow yard after a South Florida Accident, what happens next? Florida Car Accident Attorney Andrew Rosenberg explains what to do after your car is towed or totaled in an accident.

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We often have clients involved in serious car accidents in South Florida. If you live in South Florida, you know how common car crashes are here.

If a client's car was taken away from the scene of the accident, they often aren't sure what to do next or even if they can do anything.

What you DON'T want to do is leave your car in one tow yard because the tow yard will rack up your expenses and charge you daily fees. You want to contact your care insurance quickly if your car was towed away from the scene of an accident because they can relocate it from the tow yard to a repair shop, or maybe even your home to avoid fees from racking up.

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