How Can You Get A Video of a Florida Car Accident?: Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Explains

September 26, 2019

Videos can be very important to a car accident injury case. Why? What if it is 'he said, she said' situation... A video of an accident can help a car insurance company determine who was at fault, says South Florida Car Accident Attorney Andrew Rosenberg.

You all know the deal - you're driving and you get into a car accident, which is unfortunately common in South Florida. Let's say, God forbid, you're involved in an accident at a major intersection - most people are shocked to find out that there are often no video cameras at the intersection.

Sometimes, there is still a way to get a video of a car accident in South Florida. The main way an experienced car accident lawyer can get videos is by looking at the surrounding area of the accident. Sometimes there may be a business that has security cameras outside that also capture the roadway.

These videos can serve as powerful proof as to WHO was at fault for the car accident. If you're involved in a car accident in South Florida, give our office a call for a FREE consultation. We're based in Coral Springs, but serve all of South Florida and the entire state of Florida.

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