My Car Was Totaled In Car Accident & was Towed, What should I do? Florida Car Accident lawyer advice

December 7, 2020

South Florida car accident lawyer Andrew Rosenbrerg explains what do you do if your car is totaled and needs to go to a tow yard after a car accident in Florida. Time is money, and the longer your car is at the tow yard, the more it will cost you.

An issue we see commonly as a law firm that handles car accident injury cases is that after serious car accidents (which we know are common in South Florida), totaled cars are usually towed away from the scene of an accident.

A tow truck takes the car to a tow yard, and daily fees for storing the car start adding up immediately. Your car's storage at a tow yard is not free.

What you should do after your totaled car is taken to a tow yard is call your car insurance company. Your insurance company can arrange to have your car picked up from the tow yard and it can be relocated to your home or even the insurance facility, or straight to a repair shop if there is a chance of being repaired.

You'll want to do this in order to minimize your expenses. If a different driver caused the accident - not you - and you were injured in the accident, you could be entitled to an injury lawsuit and eventually a settlement.

Every expense for your case, however, will come out of your settlement. So, if your car is left sitting at the tow yard for months -- you're going to lose a lot of settlement money just to storing your car that you'll never be able to drive again.

To minimize your expenses and maximize your settlement, you should call your car insurance company as soon as possible after an accident and arrange for your car to get out of the tow yard.

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