What is Estate Planning and Why is it Important? Coral Springs Estate Planning Attorney Explains

December 7, 2020

Florida Estate Planning attorney Andrew Rosenberg answers the question: "what is estate planning and why is it so important?" in this informational video.

The purpose of an estate plan, in our opinion, is that it's planning for a disaster. The disaster could be your death, or even being disabled from an accident of some kind. If you're disabled in an accident, an estate plan can help handle your finances and health care decisions. An estate plan is also very important to have in place before you die.

Death is an uncomfortable topic, but it's a reality everyone faces eventually. A good estate plan can help your family and loved ones through the grieving process if they actually have more time to grieve and need to spend less time handling all the logistics left behind after you pass away.

This is one of the reasons we say estate planning is so important - it helps to not leave a mess for your family to deal with. Taking care of your estate planning documents helps your family, and also helps give you the peace of mind knowing an attorney you trust is protecting your rights, assets, and wishes.

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