Plantation Personal Injury Lawyer

The Plantation personal injury lawyer at Rosenberg Law Firm has fought hard and recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of injured Floridians and travelers to the state. For two decades, we have taken insurance companies, negligent parties, and opposing counsel to task with exhaustive investigations, professional legal knowledge, and a strong command of the law.

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Common Personal Injury Cases in Plantation

Plantation’s population is close to six figures, which means the city is a bustling with activity. However, these conditions also create more opportunities for accidents to happen. Florida personal injury statutes address the assignment of liability and compensation of injuries, and Rosenberg Law Firm can help you navigate these laws to gain the most significant benefit for your case.

Our Plantation personal injury lawyer works hard to make opposing parties uphold your legal rights throughout the negotiation or litigation process in various types of accidents.

Auto Accidents

In Broward County alone, there can be as many as 25,000+ auto accidents yearly. If you suffer from injuries sustained in an auto accident, insurers will not be willing to pay more than they think you deserve. Our auto accident lawyers will hold them to the promises of their policies if they try to give you less than what you deserve under the law.

Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability laws address injuries that stem from negligent property conditions. From slip and fall accidents to poorly designed sidewalks, our premises liability attorneys will preserve evidence in your case as early as possible and navigate the negotiation process through various policies, such as business insurance, homeowners’, and medical insurance.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to roadway hazards. However, that does not mean other motorists and city governments have the right to shirk their responsibilities of due care. Our bicycle accident lawyers at Rosenberg Law Firm understands the legal issues surrounding bicycle accident injury and wrongful death claims.

Trucking Accidents

State laws apply to trucking accidents, and federal laws could affect your case’s outcome. However, when understood and applied correctly, this unique vantage point could result in you getting a more reasonable settlement for your losses. Never hesitate to contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Rosenberg Law Firm about pursuing truck drivers, operators, and companies when you need legal advice.

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No one should be left to pay for the damage that another’s negligent actions have caused. Federal code, Florida statutes, and Plantation ordinances agree. Find out more about your legal options during a Free Consultation with a Plantation personal injury lawyer at Rosenberg Law Firm by calling (954) 755-7803 or sending us a message here.

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