A Personal Injury Christmas Story

December 16, 2020

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
I was stressed and saddened by the health of my spouse.

She was holiday shopping earlier in the day
When a car had come speeding, she couldn’t get out of the way.

The negligent driver had sideswiped her car,
The police report said he had just left a bar.

Her Buick now totalled, her neck and back sore.
I went to my desk, pulled our insurance out from the drawer.

This DUI culprit, his car uninsured,
Left me studying the documents, each and every word.

We were confused, we were frightened, we’ve never filed a claim.
My lovely wife Sara chimed in with a name!

“Call that nice lawyer Andy, he will know what to do!
He’s so kind and so smart, he’ll know if we should sue!”

On YouTube she had seen him, even on Facebook.
Based on our confusion, I thought I should look.

I opened my laptop, went to Rosenberglawfirm.net
Tons of personal injury info, I started to sweat.

So I called the phone number, not sure of an answer
He could be with his family, or dining or becoming a dancer!

“Hello, this is Andy”, an immediate reply!
I could tell right away, he was our guy.

He explained UM coverage, and what to do next.
He even detailed no need to write checks.

“I work on contingency, I get paid when you win.”
Even free consultations, much to my chagrin!

Andy was very detailed and calmed all our nerves.
“My pleasure,” he said, “throughout Florida I serve.”

I gave all the info we had from the wreck.
Making sure to explain the soreness in Sara’s neck.

He started the process, right then and there.
To fight our rights, on this he did swear.

I felt much better, and Sara did, too.
It now looked liked our Christmas would no longer be blue.

“I’m on it right now, and we’ll put up a fight.
Merry Christmas to all, and please, bookmark my website!”

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