What to do After a Bike Accident in Coral Springs: Coral Springs Bike Injury Lawyer Shares

January 3, 2022

What Should I Do After a Bike Accident in Coral Springs?: Bike Injury Lawyer Advice

Bike accidents are unfortunately extremely common in South Florida.

Did you know that Florida is the most dangerous state to ride a bike? A recent study found that about 16% of the nation’s bike accident fatalities happen in Florida on an annual basis. In 2019, 846 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes and nearly 50,000 were injured nationwide. In 2017, Florida led the nation with the most bicycle crash deaths with 125 reported bike crashes.

Being involved in a bike accident in Coral Springs is not only a terrifying experience, but it of course is dangerous and could be life-threatening. If you were injured on a bike in Coral Springs (or anywhere in South Florida), you’re in the right place.  Our experienced injury attorney Andrew Rosenberg has helped many others in your position, and he’s ready to help you.

If there is a collision between a car and a bicyclist, it’s most likely that the cyclist will be seriously injured. Many crashes can be avoided if drivers and cyclists follow the rules of the road and watch out for each other. By Florida law, bicycles on the roadway are considered vehicles in Florida and have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers and cars.

If you feel safer riding on the sidewalk, certainly do so! Bicyclists can also bike on bike paths and even bike on sidewalks in South Florida. If you do ride on the sidewalk, however, you are considered a pedestrian under Florida law, so all of the rules of a pedestrian – not a driver – apply to you.

Injured in a Coral Springs Bike Accident? Here is What you Need to Know

Call 911 if you’re on the screen of the accident and able to do so

Depending on the severity of your accident, you may or may not be able to call 911 for yourself. Bike accidents in Coral Springs could involve other bicyclists, pedestrians, dogs or other pets, or cars. Bike and car collisions are typically the most serious type of bicycle accidents.

After a bike accident, the most important thing to do is take care of yourself. If you’re seriously injured, call 911 immediately if you’re able to. Even if your injury isn’t completely debilitating, calling 911 immediately is still important so that you can get a police report of the incident.

If you were hit by a driver, calling the police is especially important so that police can document everything and so the driver can be ticketed if appropriate, or undergo a DUI investigation if the officers suspect that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Gather any evidence you can: Photos, license plates, contact information, etc.

If it is safe to do so, take photos of the bike accident scene if you’re able to. Take photos of the other people involved – pedestrians, other cyclists, dogs, or drivers.

Take photos of your bike and the car if there was any direct impact or any debris. If a driver was involved, try to get a photo of their license plate if you can. Look around to see if there is any other evidence, such as tire marks, whether from your bike tires or the driver’s car.

While you wait for police and medical to arrive, jot down any notes about how the accident happened and what you remembered on your phone. Text or email them to yourself so you don’t lose them. Write down what you think happened and any place you are experiencing any pain. Sometimes, depending on the accident, your most painful symptoms might not surface for a few days, but you likely will have some aches, pains, and scrapes to take note of.

If you’re able to get them, all of these things will only help your bike injury attorney build a strong case for you.

Do I really need a police report after a Coral Springs Bike Accident?

If possible, we recommend getting a police report at the scene of the accident. Even if the driver or other person involved in the accident is cooperative, you never know if they are giving you their real name, contact, or insurance information.

Calling 9-1-1 right away allows you to request a police report, medical care, and allows you to connect to a dispatcher right away so you can describe the scene of the accident – which is especially important if the car that hit you on your bike flees the scene. If you’re on the phone, you might be able to give the dispatcher a description of the car and even its license plate number as it leaves the scene.

The police report will help your insurance company, the insurance company of the other person involved, and your bike injury attorney determine liability and who is at fault.

Whether or not you get an official police report, it is still very important to get the name and contact information of the other person involved in the accident. A negligent biker, pedestrian, or pet owner can be legally responsible for your injuries. Getting their information will tremendously help your bike injury attorney.

How long do I have to get medical care after a bike accident in Coral Springs?

Typically, the rule of thumb for a Florida personal injury case is that you have 14 days from the date of the accident to begin any medical care or treatment related to the accident. You can always get medical care after this timeframe as well, but if you want to keep a personal injury lawsuit as a viable option after a bike accident, you will need to see a medical professional within 14 days.

Sometimes, you might not experience too much pain immediately after an accident. You might have some scrapes and stiffness, but a shower and some ibuprofen and an ice pack might seem to help.

Even if you think your injuries are not “that bad,” we recommend seeing a medical professional for an assessment after any bike accident involving another person, driver, or pet. You could see a doctor, a chiropractor, go to urgent care or even an emergency room if your injuries are severe or potentially life-threatening. Sometimes aches and pains will escalate over time, and certain issues might not be discovered until later.

Getting medical attention after a bike crash means that you’ll get a diagnosis and any needed medical attention to begin your road to recovery.

Benefits of Hiring a Bike Injury Attorney After a Bike Accident in Coral Springs or South Florida

After getting any medical attention you need following your bike accident, your next call should be to a personal injury attorney you can trust who has experience handling bike accident cases in South Florida.

Bike accident injuries can be very serious and have many negative effects. You may have medical costs, a ruined or damaged bike; you might have missed work time, pain, emotional suffering, and more. After an accident and injury, you don’t need anything else on your plate.

Hiring a bike injury attorney helps provide you with peace of mind that you will be taken care of and get everything you’re legally entitled to – but without the headache and stress.

Depending on the nature of your bike accident, there are a few ways that an injury attorney can fight for you to receive the damages and compensation you need and deserve. If you were hit by a car while on a bike, an attorney can file your injury lawsuit against the driver who hit you and their car insurance company will compensate you for your injury.

Suppose your accident involved another person, such as a pedestrian or even a pet or another bicyclist. In that case, an injury attorney might be able to file a claim against the other individual and their home insurance may step in to compensate you after your injury.

When you come to the Law Offices of Andrew Rosenberg, however, you don’t have to worry about any of the who, what, where, when, why, or how. We take care of all of that. You come in for a free consultation, and we do the work to find out if you have an injury claim and the best way to pursue the claim.

Injured in a Bike Accident in Coral Springs? Our Skilled Bike Injury Attorney Offers FREE Consultations

If you were injured in a bike accident in Coral Springs or anywhere in South Florida, call an experienced bike injury attorney as soon as possible.

You have legal rights after an accident, and an attorney can take the time to listen to your story and advise you of all your rights and options.

Please contact us online or call our Coral Springs law office directly at 954-755-7803 to schedule your free consultation. We proudly serve Florida residents, including all of Parkland, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and all points in between.

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