If I’m In A Car Accident And Have To Use My PIP Coverage, Will That Lower My Rates?

January 28, 2022

Hey everybody, this is Andy Rosenberg from Andrew G. Rosenberg PA. I’m here to help you in regards to your personal injury in auto accident matters.

A question that comes up is when iIm in an accident and I end up having to use my no fault insurance in the state of Florida it’s also called PIP or personal injury protection. Will that cause those rates to go up in the future and the answer is I have no idea because guess what? It’s up to the insurance companies to determine whether it should go up or go down and they look at factors. They look at how many accidents you’ve had over the past six months, a year, two years. They look at the category that you’re in. As far as the group of people you’re in, there’s lots of factors that they look at. If it’s not your fault they’re not supposed to increase it, but again there’s other factors that go into it so the answer is it depends.

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