Fender Bender or Rear-end Collision: Can You Still Get Hurt?: YES, says Florida Car Accident Lawyer

January 28, 2022

Question:  Can I get hurt in a low-impact car accident (a “fender bender” or small rear-end collision)?  The answer is yes, according to Coral Springs Car Accident Lawyer

This is a common question our personal injury office gets. People want to know if it is “worth” hiring a personal injury lawyer after a more “minor” car accident. Often, people are curious if getting a car accident attorney is “worth it” if it was a low-impact rear-end collision and a fender bender accident in South Florida.

Our answer is an enthusiastic YES. If you are hurt in a car accident – period – you should contact a car accident lawyer to handle your personal injury claim.

Rear-end collisions and fender benders can still be injury claims. Even at a low speed, you can still get injured in a car accident even if it’s not incredibly “serious.” If you are hurt in an accident, at all, and experience whiplash or soreness, etc., that can constitute an injury from the car accident.

Most of the time, a lower impact car accident is going to result in injuries to your neck, or head, sometimes your back. Even from a very low-speed car accident, people can get concussions or serious whiplash injuries.

You likely won’t break any bones, but the point is you can still sustain injuries that need treatment AND injuries that mean you deserve compensation.

Whiplash, for example, is a compensable injury and you can get whiplash in just about any car accident in South Florida. Anything that affects your physical body in a car accident entitles you to rights for treatment and compensation.

This is a silly example, but you hurt yourself when you bend down to reach for a pencil on the ground! So, imagine the immeasurable more impact on your body when you get hit by another car. You can definitely have whiplash and other issues that affect your physical body.

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